Secret Admirers: Red tulips

It was one of those days. Gloomy, wet, miserable… I was walking home from the bus stop, side-stepping puddles as it continued to drizzle. As I walked up to my front door, the colours red and yellow jumped out at me, stunning as they sat vibrantly against the dull, grey hues of the day.

I realised it was a bouquet of tulips, delicately placed in a tall, sleek glass vase, and was now sitting patiently on my doorstep.  Tasteful.  I love tulips.  Mysterious though… No note, no from address, no confirmation that this bouquet was indeed intended for me. I quickly racked my brain for clues. Recent dates? Ended in disasters. Work? Nothing stood out.  Old flames?  I made sure those chapters were closed.

The question was eating at my insides now.

I decided I wouldn’t get anywhere on my front porch, especially considering the rain had escalated from a pitta-patta drizzle to a steady downpour.  Key to door, I picked up the vase and its contents and made my way into my house.

Deep in thought by this stage, I placed the flowers on the kitchen bench and took a step back to admire them.  Who do I know knows I liked tulips, I wondered… or was it just a coincidence and this was all a silly misunderstanding with the neighbours?

I reached for my phone for my contact list, in hope that with my amazing powers of deduction, I could work out just who my mysterious admirer was.  Phone in hand, you can understand my surprise when it started to ring.  Private number, great.

I took the call.  The line connected.

“Hello?  Jane speaking.”

“Hi there, Jane.  Did you receive the flowers I sent you?”

I could not recognise the caller’s voice.  It was unfamiliar, male, a little older.  It was soothing in a way – deep and melodic, but somewhat distant, like he was calling from a very far away place.

“Yes, thank you.  The tulips are beautiful.  I’m terribly sorry but there was no card-”

“No, there wouldn’t be, Jane, as I didn’t send one.  I’m surprised you’ve forgotten me so quickly.”

Before I could respond, the man went on, “But my name is not important right now.  You’ll remember when the time comes.  The important thing to note here, Jane, is…”

“I’m coming for you next.”



Written for today’s Daily Prompt: Secret Admirers.


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