Slipping into the rabbit hole

Lately I’ve been falling in love with writers left, right and centre.  I’ve been reading like I’ve never before – so hungry, so restless, so insatiable for the strings of words that would make my heart flutter.  I’d liken this experience to maybe casually but inconspiciously slipping through the dubious rabbit hole after hearing the townsfolk talk about the elusive few who have already made the leap.

This world is huge.  The sheer size of the skies, earth and the mysterious watery wonderland around us. Our societies, our cultures, our unspoken rules and customs.  Our morals, our ethics, our accepted social graces. Our ecosystems, our relationships and the ubiquity of politics.  We try our best to make sense of it all.  It’s still all unfathomable chaos and so much is swept under one rug or another.  Yet at the entrance of the rabbit hole I stand, now gazing inwardly at the unknown, guarded, defensive and yet yearnfully curious about this hidden world where its inhabitants are often described as (and I quote from David Gilbert’s piece above) ‘gloomy, depressive’ and ‘too egotistically sensitive for the world’.

Ha, such truth!  Here I stand, inspecting the network of tunnels the rabbit hole has presented me – each with a sign above to mark its destination – and notably, other destinations, crossed-out and scribbled over only to have the same words rewritten over the top again – I guess to illustrate the path chosen is never straightforward. News articles, biographies, ghostwriting, copywriting, screenwriting, young adult novels, erotic fiction, poetry, advice columns, comedy… a newly discovered labyrinth of creative, written adventures of my choice.

For my particular chosen track, possibilities are endless, rules are made up and animals can talk. Heck, even the notion of gravity can be overridden by the mighty pen.  I would love to create a world where people can fly. Just because I fucking can.  And assholes will get a spectacularly brutal ending they all deserve.  Insert evil cackle here.

“It’s in literature that true life can be found. It’s under the mask of fiction that you can tell the truth.”

– Gao Xingjian, novelist