There’s something about watching

There’s something about watching

the world go by.

Even a small world,

of one street that curves,

broken by a pedestrian strip

Streetlamps littered along the way

Casting anti-shadows

Taxis waiting earnestly for their

first passengers of the night

Pink and purple shades have dimmed

Fairy lights seemingly floating on the top of the building adjacent

Fireflies of the urban playground.

Waves of tourists march by

Curious, anticipating, filled with wonder


Waiting on the street corner

Waiting by the red telephone booth

Waiting alone at the table

Looking hopeful, somewhat anxiously at their phones

A date maybe, they’ve yet to arrive

Anxious to be seen alone, by themselves

Everyone’s looking at their goddamn phones actually

So who cares?

– dudette with a fraying hat


Friday night

City lights, smiles bright, everyone’s out for a good Friday night.

Sandstone walls, tiled halls, all in the name of l’amour.

Strolling through, weekend’s due, time to paint this town


-anonymous with a fraying hat