I’m just going to let myself daydream here

It’s not allowed because it’s not mainstream. I wouldn’t allow it if I was mainstream.


They are just visitors

Anger, sadness, resentment, red hot, blinding, scathing, annihilating fucking rage.

I earned these emotions and it’s okay to feel them.

But just know they will go just as they came.

It will be okay. I am not defined or controlled by my emotions. I can manage them healthily because I am the knower of them. I am not them.

Move, create, write, unleash an ungodly growl if you want to.

Give yourself permission to feel the ‘bad’ emotions so they can be let out. You’ve buried them for far too long.

Hoping for the spirals to be less frequent and less intense.

Figure out who you are. Figure out the different personas you have. Love them all the same, like they’re your children. Then you can figure out if your interactions are leading to the person you want to be.

Healthy detachment. Mirror talk. Not my business, not yours either 🙂

There’s something about watching

There’s something about watching

the world go by.

Even a small world,

of one street that curves,

broken by a pedestrian strip

Streetlamps littered along the way

Casting anti-shadows

Taxis waiting earnestly for their

first passengers of the night

Pink and purple shades have dimmed

Fairy lights seemingly floating on the top of the building adjacent

Fireflies of the urban playground.

Waves of tourists march by

Curious, anticipating, filled with wonder


Waiting on the street corner

Waiting by the red telephone booth

Waiting alone at the table

Looking hopeful, somewhat anxiously at their phones

A date maybe, they’ve yet to arrive

Anxious to be seen alone, by themselves

Everyone’s looking at their goddamn phones actually

So who cares?

– dudette with a fraying hat

Friday night

City lights, smiles bright, everyone’s out for a good Friday night.

Sandstone walls, tiled halls, all in the name of l’amour.

Strolling through, weekend’s due, time to paint this town


-anonymous with a fraying hat

Everytime it rains

Clouds of insecurity obscure me Assure me

The mist of desperation

Dripping down my skin

The crushing storm will break me

And take me from this state I’m in

Everytime the rain comes calling

I can’t stop myself from falling

Into the darkness, into the madness

Of a world devoid of fear and pain

Everytime it rains

The waves of isolation crash around me

Around me

The loneliness of silence echoes in my brain

With shore in sight I’m under

And wonder why I fought in vain

Everytime the rain comes calling

I can’t stop myself from falling

Into the darkness, into the madness

Of a world devoid of fear and pain

Everytime it rains


Intellectual stimulation

The ever-burning flame

of a relationship.

Say you, say I

Go back, go forth

It’s this, it’s that

But no, but yes

I catch your smile as I

Attempt to debunk your


The arousal in me when you

try to prove your point

in such articulation

such poignancy

It turns me fucking on

It doesn’t matter what topic

It doesn’t matter if I agree

or whether you buy in to my

views, my values, my core beliefs

What matters is you and I

though we come from

somewhere completely foreign,

Absolute polar opposites

Our egos don’t get jn the way.

The mutual respect is undeniable.

And I think the mental challenge turns you on too.


You were cruel, you were mean, you were almost abusive.

You said it was all in the name of love.


So much bullshit.

The damage. You have no idea do you?

Deceit: the dumb, stupid fucking lies.

You broke us, you broke every single one of us who you fucking loved, every single one of us who loved you back.

You will never be able to make up for what you have done; you don’t know how. Seeth in your own hatred of yourself, project onto us as you will.

Yet I can’t hate you, but I do. But I can’t, but I do.

I wish I could tell you how much you’ve destroyed us. Fuck you. Fuck you over and over again.

You should never have had children.

You were not fit as a mother.